Track Record

Here are voluntary comments from a few previous students.

1*. The first of these emails is from a successful Chinese investor,
2*. The second is from a world class tournament bridge player and bonafide genius at large scale international commodities trading.
(A truly intelligent card player!-- who years ago finished second in the U.S. National
Junior Contract Bridge Tournament/competition
3* The third is from Richard Lofink, (casino games inventor), and
4* The Fourth is from an Intel Executive.

1*.Here is an email from a Chinese investor after their 10th trip evaluating performance of the "Modern Pirate" gambling approach and training program.

Coach Yarbrough,

I just finished my 10th trip. The result: 9-1. You were right on the money!
I only netted 11K and change. Your play approach works great. The problem came from my 4th trip which was the only trip I stayed over. I won the 3rd trip the previous night. I was so excited I didn't get a good night sleep. I made a mistake and lost my 10K (buy-in) and took out another 10K and lost that plus lost the $3500 I won from previous night. It was a disaster. If I hadn't made that mistake I would've won that trip as well. If I had cut that loss (and quit playing once I lost the first shoe), my net profit over the 10 trips would've doubled. What a disaster.

The good news is that over all it turned out very good. I have learned a lot, and I put all that I learned into practice. Finally, I've got to say, about being a Modern Day Pirate, that I love it.

Your Student


2. From a World class Tournament Bridge player.; 16:11:00 -0500 Received:
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The letter is to inform you not only of the validity and
robustness of the baccarat training system, but also of
the competency and dedication of your instructor. Mr. Yarbrough
not only shares the analytical part of baccarat, but also great
psychological tools to improve your game. Although some might
argue that the extent of his calculations are too great, it has
greatly improved my game and brought it way into the black. If
anything Mr. Yarbrough's figures on profit are a bit understated.
Any problems that I encountered were mentored away by
Mr. Yarbrough's personalized service that is unparalleled.

Gentleman, I gain nothing from this recommendation and the only
thing I can say, is that the proof is in the bank; offshore and
devoid of taxes I might ad. No hype, no bull.
I sincerely believe that Mr. Yarbrough has come up with the most
powerful baccarat play system ever devised.

Take care and good luck.


3*. Here is a letter from Richard Lofink.
--Famous Gaming Industry Innovator--
To whom it may concern,

My name is Richard Lofink and I have had 25 years
of Las Vegas casino gaming experience.
I am also a successful casino games inventor,
(Spanish "21" for example).

I am a staunch believer that there never has been,
nor is there now, nor will there ever be a 100%
mechanical method of playing shoe after shoe in
the casino and exiting victorious every time you play.

I have on the other hand examined some of the approaches
that Mr. Yarbrough has put forth and would have to say
that if anyone can identify and make sense of these random
workings of patterns within patterns it would be Ben.

Great Luck,
Richard Lofink


Intel Executive shares results.

Excerpted email
(He wanted to try his luck using a Mini-baccarat play approach I offered).
Hi Ben,

How are you ?

Just want to let you know that I just won $5,000 using your mini-baccarat translation approach for my third trip. I brought $7,500 as bankroll and played 2 shoes. Both were very good shoes. It was an excellent trip !

I will be using your mini-baccarat translation approach for my subsequent casino trip. Thank you for creating such an excellent approach.


Intel Exec wins $5,000

More recently, this same Intel Exec sent me the following email:

Hi Ben,
I just realized that I forgot to tell you the result of another casino trip in March. I have made 3 trips to casino this year, and all 3 trips are winners.

Thx again,

About your coach!

Author and his family meet Georgia Governor Perdue and his wife at the
Governor's mansion. --(Yarbrough far right)-- June 11, 2005.
(On the occasion of his son being recognized by the governor).

One, two, three, BET.
One, two, three, BET.
Assuming the role of a Coach in the arena of Casino playing has been most educational for me, as well as my clients.

One of the first things you can look forward to learning, is to value and enhance your ability for self-disciplined play and enjoyment of the playing done.

me as a 25 year old kid with an exceptional memory

an older man involved in
fund raising for Gifted Children

excerpted newspaper article about my training

21 Magazine article about my training


W h y - h e l p - t h e - H i g h - S t a k e s - C a s i n o - g a m b l e r s - o f - t h e - w o r l d ?
Based on successes in other areas, and the financial boldness this promotes in tackling new challenges
(like casino gambling), no group is more "IN NEED" of the insightful assistance a good coach can provide.
ALSO, I do not intend to help all such gamblers!--Only a very small group of them. Finally, considering that most casinos seem to be lining up to take advantage of these players in one way or another, I have decided to teach a small group of them how to fight back by winning more often.

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